Installation – 10 Piece Clip Set
1. Create an even and straight horizontal parting along the scalp.
2. Attach the Hidden Lengths Clip n Go human hair clip-in extensions starting from the lowest desired point at the nape.
3. Lift and pin the hair above parting to securely place it out of the way.
4. Select a weft that best fits the parting (use 6” width weft if working with a complete 10 Piece Kit)
5. Starting at the nape, place the first weft at the base of the parting and move the middle clip downward into the hair and snap shut.
6. Place far left clip of weft onto base of parting and move downward into hair and snap shut.
7. Follow the same procedure with right clip of weft into the far right of base parting. Be sure to snap the clip shut.
8. The second weft will be placed above the first weft. To place the second weft, release your hair and create a new parting one inch or more (use your discretion) above the first weft. Follow Steps 1 through 6.
9. If you are working with a complete Hidden Lengths Clip n Go 10 Piece Clip-in Kit, always start at the lowest parting in the nape area with a 6” weft. Then attach the 7” weft above it, and finally the 8” weft.
10. The Hidden Lengths Clip n Go 1.5” wefts are meant to be attached to the sides of the head; 2 for each side. Attach just above the ear and around the temple area on either side.
11. The Hidden Lengths Clip n Go 1” wefts can also be used as testers for coloring and individual highlights.

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