General Hair Care for Natural Hair


When shampooing, soak 5 minutes and rinse shampoo completely. When conditioning, soak 5 minutes and rinse conditioner completely.
You have taken time to consult with your extensionist/stylist to choose the very best quality and style of hair extensions that your budget will allow, so make sure that you take good care of your investment. Hidden Lengths takes pride in providing shiny and healthy looking hair, no matter the type of hair chosen. Each type, however, needs its own special care.


Whether you are wearing your remy hair extensions on your head with fusion tips or with clips, the care of these kinds of extensions are the same. Remember that remy hair is of the highest quality hair on the market and therefore is in the best state of health; this is how you want to keep your extensions. When cleaning, conditioning and styling your remy hair extensions, be sure to follow the tips below. Blow dryers or other drying methods using heat should not be used. Dry at room temperature only.


• Be sure to choose a professional, alcohol-free, sulfate-free shampoo.

• When shampooing, be sure to keep hair untangled (for fusion hair extensions, was hair with head tilted back) and uniform. Do not rub or massage the hair; use a squeezing motion to saturate the hair with tepid water and shampoo.

• Rinse hair with care to avoid tangling. Run tepid water from roots to ends, or top to bottom.

• When choosing a conditioner, be sure to purchase a moisturizing professional, alcohol-free shampoo for permanent extensions and a silicone-based conditioner for temporary extensions (clip ons).

• Use a leave-in moisturizing spray conditioner regularly when out in the wind or sun.

• Towel dry the hair by rolling it or squeezing the water out. Never rub the hair.

• It is best to air-dry your extensions, however, if you choose to blow dry your hair, use an ion dryer as it will remove the moisture faster and with less heat damage.

• Never brush wet hair as it will break the strands. Use a pic only. Use a large toothed comb to remove tangles, starting at the ends and working up to the roots/bonds, 2-3” at a time.

• When battling any tangles, do so with patience and diligence. Do not tear at the tangle or force it out.

• When swimming, prepare your hair extensions ahead of time by dampening the hair and applying a light conditioner. This will protect the hair from absorbing excessive chlorine or salt water.

• When sleeping, swimming or exercising, always braid or wrap your hair to prevent tangling.

• When styling fusion tipped hair with hot tools, avoid close contact with the keratin tips; the heat will soften the tips and compromise the hold.

• When styling clip on hair extensions, it is much easier to do so when the clips are not yet installed.